Our Story


Zenly is a mobile app that shows you a live map of your friends and family. Founded in Paris in 2014, Zenly joined Snap in 2017, and continues to run as an independent entity with millions of loving active users around the world.

Our Story

Zenly began because we wanted an easy way to know what our friends were doing. Naturally, we created an app - a map that lets you see your friends and what they're up to.

Millions of people around the world have since made us realize that Zenly goes beyond letting you know what your friends are doing. It actually brings you to spend more time with the people who matter most and moves you a little closer to them even when you can't.

We're a small team of 57 passionate people determined to offer an alternative to products that were meant to connect us but only alienated us. An alternative that represents a true reflection of your world and those you care most about.

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